Registration EIAC championship

Three standard’s round

80€ Adults. Senior, Junior and Cub 60€ until 30th of June 2016.

From 1st of July and until 30th of September.
100€ Adults. Senior, Junior and Cub 60€

Optional registration to the Diputación de Castellón’s Flint Championship

One Round

30€ Adults, Senior and Junior. Cub 20€ until 30th of June 2016

From 1st of July and until 30th of September 40€. Cub 20€

Payment method by bank transfer

Account number IBAN: ES39 2085 8078 3303 3029 3702


Payee: Asociación Nacional de Arqueros de Bosque.


Until 31rst of July refund of 90% of payed amount

From 1rst of August until 30th of September refund of 50% of payed amount

It’s indispensable to be in possession of the Score Card, the archers that not present his Score Card couldn’t be admitted in the Championship

BBC     FSC     FU     BHC     BL     BU     BBR     BHR     FSR     LB     HB    

Veteran (55+)    Adult (17+)    Young Adult ()     Junior     Cub (Under 13)   

Male     Female    

I will participate
I will participate